Smart Aqua Box

The “Smart Aqua Box” is the result of intense research and development by MGG Service AG, whose team of entrepreneurs has extensive experience in plant construction, plant maintenance and process engineering. With Swiss precision, we have set ourselves the goal of optimising the feed shafts of incinerators to meet the increased demands on service life and changes in waste quality. By increasing availability and safety, systems operators gain a considerable economic advantage.

Decoupling the cooling system from the wear protection can not only reduce maintenance costs but also minimise system downtimes. The “Smart Aqua Box” features a long life guarantee and simple, targeted replacement of wear parts. With a wear plate composition that matches the prevailing waste quality, the “Smart Aqua Box” can be customised to meet specific requirements. The “Smart Aqua Box” is suitable for use in all common shaft types. The modular design enables quick, flexible manufacturing and assembly.

Carefree plant operation thanks to:

  • Increased availability
  • Improved operational reliability
  • Long service life
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Common problems with conventional feed shafts:

  • Leakage during operation (loss of water)
  • Failure of the cooling system (dry running)
  • Delay of construction due to thermal expansion/deformation
  • False air in the shaft increases the risk of fire
  • Increase in mechanical wear and even structural damage
  • Severe damage due to backfiring

MGG »Smart Aqua Box«:

  • Mechanical wear with no impact on the cooling system
  • No water leaks to the inside
  • Wide choice of materials for wear protection and therefore a customised design is possible according to requirements
  • Guaranteed water tightness from the manufacturing plant
  • No change of the cooling circuit/system or adjustment from the existing water cycle is necessary
  • Modification in the normal revision period thanks to modular construction
  • Decoupling the wear protection from the cooling system
  • All welds in contact with water are on the outside
  • Easily exchangeable wear plates
  • Modular construction for quick assembly
  • Investment costs comparable with replacement of the status quo
  • Can be implemented in all common shaft types
  • Long service life of the plant section

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»Smart Aqua Box«

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